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Once upon a time in Spain...

Part of Novatec Holding group, Novatec Software Engineering España is established in 2016. With our headquarter in Granada, but people all over Spain, we focus 100% on Agile Software Development for several international clients, implementing the latest technologies.

We believe in the Management 3.0 practices and try to apply them daily. We are organized with an horizontal hierarchy, by flattening the pyramid we make sure every voice is being heard. The freedom and well-being of each person is the key for us.

Trainees and Apprenticeship

Have you finished your IT studies and want to put in practice what you've been learning?

Maybe, looking for an internship?

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Software Engineering

Do you already have some experience in the software development world and looking for a change?

Do you want to know our tech-stack?

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Why Novatec?

Flexible remuneration plan

You can choose to dedicate part of your salary to Kindergarten, Ticket Restaurant, Private Education and Health insurance for family members.

Never stop learning.

You decide which further training or conference is right for you. Whether as a speaker or part of the audience, remote or live, internal or external: We'll encourage anything that helps you to progress.

Flexible time

We have a flexible schedule (VERY FLEXIBLE!) so you can modify it according to your personal and team needs.

Hybrid, On-site or fully remote.

Feel free to work at our beautiful office in the center of Granada, from home or combine both solutions.

How about more vacation days?

24 vacation days as default plus 1 day every 2 years with #theperfectflow

Connecting people and activities

Wellness discounts, mental health support, GreenGO sustainabiliTeam, Soft Skills trainings...

Private Health Insurance

Novatec offers private health insurance. Forget about spending a lot of time waiting for your turn!


We have parking spaces for people driving to the office. 

Everyday Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast in our Kitchen every day. We've got you covered with fresh fruit, coffee and bread! 

English classes

Free english classes during working time according to your level. 

Fun budget

Dedicated budget to have fun together.

Corporate dicounts

Discover a huge range of corporate discounts such as special gym agreements, cinema, free time activities and much more...

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We believe in everyone's professional and personal growth.

Where do you want to focus your career? Is there any special conference you'd like to attend to?

We want to offer you all the support you need to achieve your goals, with dedicated budget and time to enhance your knolewdge, and special soft-skills trainings.

Techonologies we use!

We work with the latest technologies and like to try things out. Our frontend developers prefer to work with React, Angular or Vue.js. In the backend, we prefer Java as well as Kotlin and like to experiment with frameworks like Quarkus or Micronaut. Our cloud guild loves AWS and Azure and also enjoys playing around with Istio and Dapr. The agile guild of course swears by Scrum, but also likes to use Kanban or "Scrumban" where it makes sense.

Well-being @ Novatec

Well-being@Novatec is an holistic, respectful and sustainable way to make everyone's life better, we do really care a lot about the physical and mental health of the organization.

With our private health insurance we offer every person in the company a platform that provides support, coaching, and counseling for all situations and phases of life and relatives.

We are efr, a family responsible company.

It is the Spanish acronym of “Empresa Familiarmente Responsable” and there is no better explanation than what Fundación Másfamilia points out: “The efr Initiative responds to a new social and business culture based on flexibility, respect, and mutual commitment”.

The certificate, idea born in 2003, is issued by the FundaciónMásFamilia and supported by the Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality, is directed to organizations with a company culture where productivity takes over 9-17 schedule systems, it also recognizes the environment based on the performance and efficiency of the people. 

Discover how we got there!

GreenGO & the sustainabiliTeam

GreenGO, (stays for Granada Goes Green), is the internal project started in 2017 in our Branch.

The SustainabiliTeam who is behind this, wants to increase awareness on the responsibility we have towards the environment as guests on this planet, and do what we can to fight the climate change and improve the sustainability of our planet.

Begin your journey with


Have you applied or wondering how does our application process works?

We keep it simple and follow 5 steps:


Happy to see your application in our inbox.

You CV has been received by our People & Culture Team, and we will do our best to send you feedback as soon as we can. Sometimes due to the amount of CVs received this might take a little longer!

2.Let´s chit-chat over the phone.

Do you have any question? We would love to hear what´s motivating you to look for a new challenge. We usually run part of this call in English.

3.Time to meet for an interview.

Either remote or in-person, in this step, the most important one, we would like to get to know you better as a person, hear about your previous journeys and present you the company.

4.Feedback round.

After the interview we usually gather to share feedback about the interview and evaluate the fit into the open position and get in touch with you to share the final decision.

At this point the most important question would be: Would you like to become part of our team?


We present you an offer including all the perks and that is in range with your experience.

5.Welcome onboard!

You do like what we offer to you, then it is time to welcome you to the #teamnovatec!

Your first weeks

Onboarding begins here: During your first days, a dedicated buddy will be there for you, and will be introducing the tech stack of the project, for you to get familiar with it.

After 3 weeks

We hope you enjoy #theperfectflow, you will join the dev team and start putting hands on in the tecnological part and to get insight about the business.

After 2 months

You will be able to begin working with the support of the team on your own tasks.

People & Culture Team

Paseo de la Bomba 5, 18008, Granada